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Media Marketing

Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients are very happy. With years of experience and continuing research, our team is ready to serve your media and marketing needs. With many resources and strategies we can help you to reach further.

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Studio photography, product images, location and events coverage and even special effects composite photographs. We love photography and deliver the highest quality portraits and images without any of the fuss.

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Graphic design and online development is essential to reaching more people with your ideas. We provide website design and development, app development, graphic design services, branding, promotional videos and more...

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Media Marketing

Our media marketing team can bring your ideas to life with innovative and unique custom materials and resources, we cant wait to create with you.


Professional photography, location and events coverage, product photography, editing and special effects composite images are all here at Nexus Media Studio

Soundtrack Creation

High quality compositions for film, television, games and your own projects. We also can create backing tracks, incidental music and provide remixing/remastering services.

Casting Agency

Join our casting agency, whether you are a model or have a passion for acting, whatever your level. We regularly send the details of our members to top production companies world wide. Get on board!


At Nexus Media Studio we are all about helping others. Part of our profits for every single job that we complete goes to various non profit organisations. When you commission us for a job you can even choose which organisation gets the donation!


We cant wait to meet with you, either in person or online and start creating together! Please get in touch with any questions you might have and we will do our best to answer them! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Our Process

  • Meet & Greet
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

If you live in Western Australia we would love to meet up with you in person to have a chat about your ideas, and what we can do for you. A kind of introduction but dont worry if you are living away from us, the internet sure is fantastic! We can arrange an online video conference with you and still have that great introductory cup of coffee with you! Get in touch today!

Once we know what direction you would like to go in with your ideas we will draft a schedule for us to follow and make a comprehensive report of what we are going to complete for you to bring your ideas to the next level. This is the exciting part of the process where we figure out how things will look, function and sound and help you to sharpen your ideas and plan the fine details.

We work quite closely with you as we develop your ideas and designs into something tangible for you. During this time we will check back with you often and have prototypes and milestones that you can follow to make sure we arent only on the right track but exceed your expectations entirely.

Your project is ready to be taken to the world and ready to start reaching your audience. Whether its a website design that we upload to the internet, a final edited photography session or a mixed and mastered soundtrack, this is the part of the process where we take your ideas out your head and into the world. But this isnt where we part ways, we like to create lasting relationships with our clients and are only a message or phone call away should you need help in the future!